Our Artist Management Team works with Performers, Songwriters, and Musicians.


We work with Artists who: 

-have a strong brand foundation 

-perform at a high level 

-are dedicated to their craft 

-are committed to a career in music entertainment



Artist Coaching  

Beet Events provides Artist Coaching to guide artists to success in the music industry. Coaching Sessions include social media marketing, brand positioning, traditional music marketing, influencer marketing, music event coordination, and more! Artist Coaching is the fastest way to create a step by step plan to achieve your music goals.  

Campaign Fulfillment  

After Coaching Sessions, you have the opportunity to DIY or get us to implement your strategies. If you prefer to kick back and relax, our Artist Managers will work their faces off to carry out your campaigns, drive your sales and help grow your career.

Artist Management

We become part of your team to help guide you on the path to success in music entertainment. We work with you to tap into new fanbases through strategic alliances, partnerships, events, sponsorships and campaigns. Our role is to drive your sales and help grow your career.

Sessions are provided at our office in North Vancouver, by video conferencing or by telephone.


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