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The 1 Year Artist Development program shows you how to succeed in the music industry. Rather than relying on a management group or band member to make your career successful, you learn the in the ins and outs of each aspect in the music business and how to protect yourself by making informed decisions. Most programs just prepare you to audition for a band or for a management group audition, but what if you don't get accepted? Although we do have a team of pros to help you prepare for life-changing management offers, you also learn how to tap into your authentic fanbase and build success as an un-signed artist.  

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What's included?

What is included?

Artist Coaching 6 x 60 minute sessions, 1 x 120 minute session Artist Coaching Sessions with a professional artist manager from Beet Events Artist & Tour Management Group.  

Recording/Performance Coaching (with a producer/engineer) 12 x 60min - basic recording over a backing track  

Songwriting (vocal or instrumental) 12 x 1 hour sessions  

Recording Your Demo 4 x 1 hour session to record your demo. (up to 6 songs)  

Mix & Master 6 hours to mix & master your demo to make it "radio ready"  

Music Video 1 music video

Photos 1 professional photo shoot (2 images)  

Website & Copy Writing We will create a website for you that will help you market your career (website template + 12 months hosting) This includes 2 hours biography writing with a professional copywriter.  

Looking for something else? Ask us about our personalized career training packages.

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The Faculty

Artist & Tour Management

Beet Events

Beet Events is a Artist & Tour Managment group with 200+ performing musicians.

Beet Events has worked with Artists that have: -performed in the Juno Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Show, Today Show, and Much Music. -performed with Selena Gomez, Shawn Hook, Vanessa Hudgens, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and more.

Career Training

Organic Music Lessons

Organic Music Lessons is a local music school and training group for up and coming musicians.

Organic Music Lessons works with local solo artists & bands including: -Local Artist Performances for up & coming musicians -International Artist Performances such as the Bryan Adams Concert at Rogers Arena

1 Year Artist Development Program